Am I Insane

Shades of gray become normal days when everything begins to blend together with no distinction in color.Tangerines just don’t taste the same way when when the quality of nitrogen sources fade.

Rainbows may still appear in a lack of rain but are the depth of purples the same? 
Are we the same people regardless of times wading and the changing of the social environment that once made us?
Can we really expect to exist Uncracked when everything we once knew has disappeared in a flash?
Can we remain unshattered when we lose everything and then within a week regain who we once were back?
Am I suppose to remember this slightly insane feeling so fast?

Does she?

Is it fair Does she care 

Is it worth as much of my soul as I bare.
Is it just the attention 

A diluted sense of self worth

An abstract vision of what I’m worth?
Does she think I’ll compromise myself, my whole life 

Does she think I don’t know my worth

Does she not know that I’m aware of the diamond in my mind
Is she just playing games 

Think I’m not intuitive 

Or in to it. 




Dusty records

Old times

The things we cheer to

We’re not to walk along lost in the past

Forward is always the path

Things happen

Sometimes we trip

We fall


We’re built to over come these things

We grow from within

We spread our roots

We become stronger as we grow deeper.

We hold on for dear life

We hold our head high

And sure sometimes we get fed up but solving that is up to you

Our strength grows from within and sometimes we just can’t contain ourselves within our skin.

We all explode at times

We ooze from our natural confines.

We all suffer.

We all have pain.

I won’t lie sometimes I just feel drained.

Sometimes I feel plain

Sometimes I’m lost, confused, sad or hiding it all with booze.

At nights I fight for my life not with a gun or knife

My pen is my deadly weapon.

And honestly it makes everything better.

Sea Foam. See Foam.

Smoke floats gracefully yet

In the conundrum we persist

Crystal blue floats over you and the sunshine is blinding but you continue to look.

Green fades to orange and the view is perfect

Time wades and trees bare their souls

Sea green foam ruptures around as you sit there not hearing a sound

And you lay down cause its stifling and the waters cool

By yourself but far from lost

Finally found.
Finally were found laying here on the ground

As leaves fade from green

All alone surrounded by sea foam in a picturesque moment tormented by the temporary.

Of Fervent Nightmares

Of Fervent Nightmares and Vanquishing Dreams.
Of delicate kisses that last for days,

Of a wind that blows within and spreads our wings,

Of better days,

Of fervent mighares and vanquishing dreams were laid.





Retrieved from fervent nightmares and vanquishing dreams.

Of iron and stone

Thistle and weeds.

Piece by Piece

This cold glass pressed against mine
Our bodies entwined
A quaking silence falls from the mist
Yet we lay here comfortably like this
When the hour glass in our mind becomes untwined we find that shapes become unbounded
It’s rather profound how a single sound, a voice could change everything about you.
And before you know you begin to unfold left naked and cold.
And we’ve been told that love can kill but we go along enjoying the thrill.
And it is true that for many of you that one day our glasses will smash and we’ll be left it tatters.
But the fact remains that one day that pain will fade and we will once again exist uncracked